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Recent Advances in Discretization Techniques, Element Technology, and Mesh Adaptivity for Inelasticity, Localization, and Failure

James W. Foulk III, Sandia National Laboratory
Alejandro Mota, Sandia National Laboratory
Brandon Talamini, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Michael Tupek, PTC
Julian Rimoli, University of California, Irvine
N. Sukumar, University of California, Davis
In this minisymposium we seek to highlight challenging problems in computational solid mechanics that require rapid modeling building and mesh adaptivity for solution. We focus on the finite element method and relevant element technologies for large deformations and accompanying inelasticity, localization, and failure. Discussion will center on Lagrangian descriptions and the necessary computational components to resolve, preserve, and evolve the fields that govern these processes. Prototypical material systems may include, but are not limited to, polymers, structural metals, and biomaterials.
Topics of interest:
  • Novel methods for discretization
  • Global and local remeshing including topological changes and smoothing
  • Field recovery
  • Mapping of internal variables
  • Tetrahedral, hexahedral, and other 3D element technology