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Higher Order and Minimum Residual Methods

Leszek Demkowicz, The University of Texas at Austin
Jay Gopalakrishnan, Portland State University
The minisymposium focuses on the development of higher order Finite Element (FE) methods for the simulations of complex multiphysics and multiscale problems. We invite contributions on innovative approaches involving finite element exterior calculus, structure-preserving discretizations, least squares and more general minimum residual methods for both steady state and transient problems. The following is an incomplete list of subjects of interest.
  • Matrix and vector finite elements for compatible discretizations.
  • Topics in structure-preservation with finite elements.
  • Minimum residual methodologies for nonlinear problems.
  • Combining minimum residual discretizations in space and in time.
  • Space-time discretizations.
  • Mesh adaptivity, h-, p- and hp-methods.
  • Efficient implementations including GPUs.
  • Eigensolvers for finite element discretizations.
  • Formulations outside of Hilbert spaces.
  • Hybrid FE/PINN methodlogies