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Recent Advances in Large-Scale Optimal Engineering Design

Brendan Keith, Brown University
Boyan Lazarov, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Harbir Antil, George Mason University
Drew Kouri, Sandia National Laboratories
Denis Ridzal, Sandia National Laboratories
Optimal design is a perennial challenge in all engineering endeavors. As engineering systems become larger and more complex, the challenge grows, and confident decision-making requires more sophisticated numerical algorithms and computational techniques. To this end, this minisymposium aims to showcase novel optimization algorithms that efficiently handle extreme numbers of design variables, various complex performance and fabrication constraints, and/or environmental and manufacturing uncertainties.
Specific topics of interest include:
  • Topology optimization
  • Shape optimization
  • PDE-constrained optimization under uncertainty
  • High-performance computing and algorithms for modern architectures
  • Risk-averse optimization