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SC17-010: Simulating Cardiovascular Multi-Physics Using the Open-source CRIMSON Framework

C. Alberto Figueroa, University of Michigan
Abhilash Malipeddi, University of Michigan
Liz Livingston, University of Michigan

The goal of this hands-on software Short Course is to expose participants to a variety of novel functionalities for advanced simulation of cardiovascular multi-physics, using the open-source framework CRIMSON ( The anticipated target audience of this Short Course is any researcher interested in multi-physics cardiovascular modeling and transport areas.

The Short Course will consist of four learning modules, see table below.

Module I: In the first module, we will provide a demonstration of CRIMSON’s GUI, including how to process medical image data, import geometric models created with CAD software, perform mesh generation, specify boundary conditions, and run simulations.

Module II: Dynamically-adapting inflow and outflow boundary conditions to simulate cardiovascular regulation and control.

Module III: Simulation of transport of multiple scalar species coupled with flow.

Module IV: Particle-laden flow simulations using an Euler-Lagrange approach on unstructured grids, where particle-fluid and particle-particle interactions are included.

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